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Access Tax & Accounting has been working with the recruitment industry since 2013, providing the support recruitment agencies and contractors need to maximise their growth while remaining compliant and observing relevant work country legislation. Uniquely, we enable contractors to legally contract via their limited company while working abroad.


Do you have a limited company that you want to use for international contracting but don’t know how

Access Tax and Accounting is a firm of accountants that specialises in this field, we think uniquely. Since 2013 this has been at the centre of our professional work, and we doubt anyone else has more experience in this area.

Do you want to work abroad but are not satisfied with the retentions that umbrella companies have offered you?

Management companies typically provide one solution in a given country. ATA does not work like this. We
optimise every solution for a client’s circumstances which takes time, but it ensures the highest possible legal overall retention. Only with ATA can you be sure you’ve explored all the options and chosen what’s right for you.

Are you worried that IR35 may affect your working abroad?

IR35 is not intended to catch contractors who do not have a UK tax liability. If you are unsure if you have a UK tax liability, please ask us, and we will carry out a fact find for you.

Are you nervous about working with an intermediary umbrella company you are not sure you can trust?

The barriers to entry in this unregulated market are not high. The way that ATA works is that we are not an intermediary but an adviser. Your funds flow into your company, not ours, which is not so with umbrella operations. With an umbrella provider your security depends on the financial prudence of a party whose financial position you do not know and may put you at risk.

If you have any of these concerns, then you have come to the right place. Access Tax & Accounting Limited (ATA) is the only firm of qualified accountants (ICAEW) specialising in helping contractors to work abroad, compliantly and profitably. For more information on how we can help you, or to set up a meeting, contact us today.


Do you have the following or similar headaches?

You are concerned that the vast array of unregulated umbrella companies risk financial failure and even fraud;

Witness the Loan Scheme; the fraudulent 48,000 Mini Umbrellas unearthed by the BBC and the umbrellas retaining contractor’s holiday pay. Do you want to avoid this? The best way to solve a problem is to design it out. Avoid using an intermediary: use ATA instead. In a largely unregulated business, The Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales (the largest, oldest and most professional accounting body) regulates ATA, providing you with peace of mind;

You want your contractors to be employed, but the low retentions make your business uncompetitive, so you cannot get the talent to take the role, satisfy your clients and maintain your margins

When you demand employment, you are demanding compliance, but compliance does not always demand employment. Compliance means that we observe all the relevant law in the work country relating to immigration, tax, social security, labour leasing and employment. Often, but not always, using a local limited company can be just the lawful trick you need.

Much of your business is in the Netherlands, Norway, Sweden, Ireland, France, Finland, Luxembourg etc., but you cannot cover or give statutory notice periods and sickness cover from your margin, and it’s harming business;

Employing staff is expensive, bureaucratic and problematic. The director of his limited company is employed, just not employed by you or us as your proxy.

Your contractors need work permits in various countries, and you don’t know what to do about it;

As part of the Access Financial group, we can call on our colleagues to assist with immigration matters and to advise on and check the legal right to work. When a work visa is needed, we have the expertise to help.

You want your contractors to have a local solution with all funds paid into and declared in the work country;

We can provide all the assurance that all the taxes and social costs are paid, and that’s where your genuine interest should be.

You have an exit plan and eventually want to sell your business, and do not wish unquantified contingent risk to drive down the value of all your hard work and investment;

By designing out tax evasion and avoidance, you avoid financial liability for unpaid dues or potential prosecution under the UK’ s Criminal Finances Act 2017.

You want to work with excellent contractors’ PSCs, but are terrified of IR35.

IR35 is not designed to affect those who are either genuinely self employed or not a UK taxpayer. ATA can definitively advise on both counts, meaning that where IR35 applies, you observe it and when not, you need pay no heed.

If you are suffering from any of these problems please get in touch today, and we will send you our info pack to become your trusted provider and help take your business to the next level.


Our experienced and qualified team can provide the following services:

  • Contractor limited company formation in Cyprus, Ireland, UK, Belgium, Sweden, the Netherlands.
  • Contract Management Services
  • Payroll & Accounting Services
  • Tax and Compliance Advisory Services.